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Policy Title: Marketing/Advertising Policy Category: Administration
Owner: University President Policy ID#: 2.04.00
External Affairs
Web: http://www.csupueblo.edu/Communications
Email: cora.zaletel@csupueblo.edu
Phone: 719-549-2810
Effective Date: 12/6/2016
Supersedes Policy ID#: 2-003-00


The University strives to promote consistency in its advertising and marketing to the public.  This policy establishes the guidelines for use of University marketing materials.


This policy applies to all University faculty, employees, contractors, and agents; to all organizational units of the University, including departments, schools, institutes, centers, and programs; and to all officially recognized student organizations.


Employment advertising placed by the CSU-Pueblo human resources department is exempt from this policy.


Marketing Materials - Materials used to uniquely identify the University, in its advertising, marketing and promotion. This encompasses all written, printed, electronic, or graphic representations utilizing the University's name, logos, trademarks, service marks, or URLs referring to any program, project, service, or operation of the University. It also includes any letterhead or print publication, as well as internet sites or postings, including social media sites that publicize the University in any way. 


In order to market and promote the University, accurate, appropriate and truthful information must be provided to potential students and the community.  The University understands the importance of ensuring the validity of its marketing and promotional publications and will adhere to standard guidelines regarding university trademarks, logos, and other identifying information and such information will provided to all departments within the university so that consistency is adhered to and maintained.  Marketing materials will be reviewed and updated on a routine basis to insure information is relevant and timely.


Review and Approval of Marketing Materials

Marketing materials may not be published or disclosed to any party for the purposes of printing, publication, or internet publication without the approval of the Office of External Affairs. All marketing materials, except recruitment ads formulated by the Human Resources Department, must be forwarded to External Affairs for review and approval in advance of disclosure to any party for the purposes of design, printing or publication, including internet publication.

No entity or individual covered by this policy may engage any external contractor or business for public relations, advertising, marketing, or design without first obtaining the prior consent of External Affairs. In addition, all marketing media purchases, such as billboard, print, radio, and online advertising must be coordinated through External Affairs.

All contracts for public relations, advertising, marketing, design, or related services ("marketing contracts") must be submitted to External Affairs for review and approval in conjunction with the Office of the General Counsel. The Executive Director of External Affairs or his/her designee shall review and approve all marketing contracts and marketing materials for compliance with the University's brand identity guidelines and other applicable policies.  

External Affairs has published Identity Guidelines which should be referred to before any marketing materials are prepared.

Use of CSU-Pueblo Names, Marks, and Logos

Any proposed logo, trademark, service mark, tradename, or URL must be reviewed and approved by External Affairs. If a department or individual wishes to apply for trademark rights in any marketing material, including logos, slogans, and words, the submitter must do so in conjunction with External Affairs. By making the submission, the submitter agrees to be responsible for all costs and fees in connection with the application and in connection with the maintenance of any resulting registration. All applications for protection of trademarks will be made through External Affairs with the assistance of the Office of the General Counsel to determine whether such trademark is available for use and registration. All such trademark applications and rights shall be owned exclusively by the University.

University Licensing Program

CSU-Pueblo is the sole owner of its name and the symbols, graphics and marks that identify or are associated with the University. All items bearing Colorado State University-Pueblo name, symbols, graphics, or marks must be produced by a licensed vendor. CSU-Pueblo partners with Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) which in turn manages the University's licensing program including application processing, royalty collection, and art approval. 

The mission of the University licensing program is to protect the University's claim to its logos and marks, ensure the quality and consistency of all University merchandise, generate revenue for University marketing initiatives, and create a cooperative working relationship with manufacturers and retails who work with the University.

Use of Copyrighted Material

Marketing materials must adhere to these guidelines for use of copyrighted materials: Copyrighted materials may only be reproduced or used with the prior written permission of the copyright owners. If copyrighted materials are included in marketing materials, the written permission of the copyright owner must be submitted to External Affairs when the marketing materials are submitted for review and approval. This policy applies to periodical articles, books and other printed material, artwork, photographs, video, website captures, and music. The payment of royalty fees for the use of copyrighted material is the sole responsibility of the department or individual using or reproducing the copyrighted material.

Use of Photographs and Personal Statements of Individuals

With reference to photographs and/or personal statements of individuals to be used in marketing materials, appropriate consent from the subject, including employees and students, must be obtained utilizing approved consent forms obtained from External Affairs, unless the subject has previously provided a blanket written consent upon admission to the University.

Photographs of minors require prior written consent of a parent or legal guardian. All signed consents and/or releases must be submitted for review and approval along with the applicable marketing material.

The Office of External Affairs is responsible for enforcement of this policy and can be a resource to the University community for production and design of marketing materials.

Failure to comply with this policy will be considered actionable behavior by senior management and could result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension or dismissal. 


Any website of or pertaining to the University, including without limitation, any research program, academic program, social program, or community program must be approved by External Affairs and Information Technology Services prior to establishment and publication pursuant to the terms of this policy. All new websites must be hosted on the University's main servers and developed using the University's content management system as of the effective date of this policy. External Affairs has the authority under this policy to require that any website not in compliance with this policy be taken down.



All advertising for the College is coordinated through the Office of External Affairs. This includes all forms of paid and free advertising, including print (newspaper, magazine, etc.), broadcast (radio and television), Web, billboards, direct mail, and signage. External Affairs has the responsibility of ensuring that consistent University logos, branding, and content/copy messages are met, so no advertising commitment should be executed without consultation with External Affairs. Note: Employment advertising placed by the CSU-Pueblo human resources department is exempt from this policy.

Advertising by Outside Companies

All proposed uses of the CSU-Pueblo name and/or logo in advertising by outside companies should be coordinated with External Affairs (e.g., a local business wants to use a picture of a CSU-Pueblo building and logo in an advertisement to be placed in a trade journal).

Promotional Items

Promotional items (clothing, mugs, golf balls, etc.) imprinted with the University name and/or logo must be approved by External Affairs and align with the University's graphic standards. 


Style guide website

Identity Guidelines. https://www.csupueblo.edu/marketing-communication-community-relations/graphics-and-multimedia/index.html


Forms for Consent for Use of Minor's photograph


Approved by:

Lesley Di Mare, President