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Credit is accepted by CSU-Pueblo from institutions accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools or similar regional accrediting bodies. For credit toward degree requirements, CSU-Pueblo accepts a maximum of 60 semester hours from community or junior colleges and/or a maximum of 90 semester hours from four-year institutions toward degree requirements. For degree purposes, CSU-Pueblo accepts no more than 90 credits in total through transfer or other assessment of prior learning.

Transfer students should be aware of the 10-year time limit on credit earned toward a bachelor’s degree, which applies to both transfer and resident credit.  Any college credit earned more than 10 years before the date of admission or readmission is not applicable toward a baccalaureate degree desired unless it is approved by the appropriate department chair. This policy includes transfer credit previously accepted by CSU-Pueblo. This policy does not apply to general education courses. Credits from general education courses are accepted even if earned more than 10 years prior to the date of admission or readmission. Any course substitutions, waivers, exceptions, or petitions completed prior to readmission must be submitted to the appropriate approving authority.

Transfer grades and credits are not computed within the cumulative grade point average earned at Colorado State University-Pueblo. Courses completed with a grade of C or better are accepted in transfer.  

Colorado State University-Pueblo only accepts Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees from regionally accredited out of state institutions as fulfilling the University’s general education requirements if CSU- Pueblo’s entire general education core is completed with acceptable transfer credit. However, some CSU-Pueblo majors may have specific general education requirements that must be completed. Associate of Applied Science degrees are not transferrable to CSU-Pueblo, but will be evaluated on a course by course basis. AA and AS degrees earned at an accredited Colorado community/junior college satisfy the University’s general education requirements, except for those courses which are major specific. Students generally transfer in 60 semester hours and achieve junior status.

Credit from an institution without regional accreditation may be accepted by petition for transfer after the student has completed at least one term of full-time coursework at CSU-Pueblo with a C (2.000) average or better. The University accepts up to eight semester hours of cooperative education courses in transfer. Cooperative education course work, to be acceptable, must include a clearly defined academic element, such as a study plan or reading assignments.

The University accepts up to eight semester hours of cooperative education courses in transfer. Cooperative education course work, to be acceptable, must include a clearly defined academic element, such as a study plan or reading assignments.

Military service credit is evaluated when official copies of transcripts for military schools are received. Army, Navy, and Marine personnel should submit a Joint Service Transcript (JST). Air Force personnel should submit a Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) Transcript. Courses are evaluated according to the American Council on Education (ACE) Guidelines. A maximum of 20 semester hours of credit is counted toward a baccalaureate degree.

Acceptance of credit does not necessarily mean that a specific department will accept the same credit toward its major requirements. Each department evaluates transfer courses to determine applicability to major and minor requirements.  

All application materials for applicants who decide not to enroll for the term for which they applied will be kept on file in the Office of Admissions for one year. Official transcripts received from other institutions cannot be relinquished.

Acceptance of Transfer Credit for Graduate Students:

A maximum of nine semester hours of resident graduate credit from other regionally accredited graduate institutions may be applied to a graduate degree program. Transfer credit from non-United States institutions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Transfer credits must be directly applicable to the degree program and must be approved by the program director/coordinator and sent to the Transfer Credit Evaluator. Graduate credits accepted in transfer must be from a course in which a grade of B- or better was earned. Credits accepted in transfer do not apply to the GPA at CSU-Pueblo. Credits already used for minimum degree requirements at another institution cannot be used toward fulfilling a CSU-Pueblo degree. Individual programs may set additional criteria for acceptance of transfer credit.


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