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Policy Title: Posting Policy Category: Administrations
Owner: University President Policy ID#: 2-007-00.1
External Affairs
Web: http://www.csupueblo.edu/Communications
Email: cora.zaletel@csupueblo.edu
Phone: 719-549-2810
Effective Date: 1/1/1999
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All posters/flyers intended for display beyond those in the OUC or residence halls must be approved.  Posters for the residence hall must be approved by the front desk employees there and all of those being posted in the OUC must be approved through auxiliary services.  


This policy applies to faculty, staff and students. 


There are no exemptions from this policy.


The Office of External Affairs will post posters/flyers around campus for you every Tuesday and Thursday.  If you would like your poster/flyer posted you must bring them to ADM 320 and have them approved.

Posters/flyers for events that are sponsored by university departments or organizations and those taking place at the university have posting priority and may be posted up to two weeks in advance of the event.  Those not related to a university event must be approved by the appropriate individual in each building/department, must be dated, and will only be permitted to be posted for two weeks or as space permits.

All posters/flyers must be timely and will have a two-week time limit unless extended through the Office of Externals Affairs.

All posters/flyers must include the name of the sponsoring department or organization, the date, time and location of the event and contract information.  General, updated postings will not be approved and will be removed to accommodate for specific events.  Posters form businesses seeking to make a profit also will not be allowed.  Off campus activities or services deemed beneficial to students will be considered.

Any poster/flyer may not exceed 11" x 17".

The poster route currently includes 45 sites across campus.  Please do not provide more copies.

Any postings designed in poor taste or with obscene language will not be approved or posted.  Discretion will be left up to Office of External Affairs.

Any unapproved flyers or advertisements will be removed immediately.

Any posters/flyers that are torn/defaced will be immediately removed regardless of the date.

If posters/flyers will be laminated please do this AFTER they have been approved and stamped otherwise that stamp may come off and the postings may be removed.

No posting on entry doors, walls or windows.

Chalk posting on this sidewalk must be cleaned and removed immediately after the event.




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