CSU-Pueblo Policy: Access to Personnel Files Policy and Procedures

Policy Title: Access to Personnel Files Policy and Procedures Category: Human Resources
Owner: Human Resources Policy ID#: 7-001-00
Human Resources
Web: http://www.csupueblo.edu/HR
Email: hr@csupueblo.edu
Effective Date: 1/1/2014
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A. In accordance with State Personnel Rules and Colorado Revised Statutes 24-50-127 and 24-72-202 through 206, general access to personnel files is restricted to the following:

1. The employee who is the subject of the record

2. The employee's duly authorized representative

3. Supervisors of the employee and their designees

4. Personnel staff of the university

5. Personnel record auditors from the Dept. of Personnel

B. Access to letters of reference are not permitted.

C. The following are public records which may be ac·cessed by anyone:

1. Application ( *Note: Home address, telephone . number, and test datajscores are NOT open records and must be expunged from the application before making it available to the public.)

2. Performance ratings

3. Corrective and disciplinary actions

4. Compensation, including expense allowances and benefits, gross salary based on class, grade, and step, the state's contribution to health, dental, and life insurance in general terms, and state's standard allowance for mileage, meal allowance, and reimbursement for travel. (Does not include financial information concerning the employee's net pay.)

5. Employment agreements and any amount paid or benefit provided incident to termination of employment, such as annual leave payouts.


A. Personnel records at the university are in the custodial care of the Personnel Director. Access can only be gained through the Personnel Director or his/her designees.

Requests for access to records may be made during normal business hours. If the record is stored or currently in use, the Personnel Director will schedule a time when the records will be available. A 24-hour notice is needed to process a request for copies of a file. There is a copy charge of 10 cents per page. ·

B. Nothing herein shall exclude any provision of applicable state law.



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