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Policy Title: Honorary Degree Category: Academic Affairs/Faculty
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Effective Date: 12/18/2019
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This policy provides guidance for awarding honorary doctorate degrees to individuals outside of the University.


Members of the University community & nominees of the honorary degree.


Nominee: A person being considered for the awarding of an Honorary Degree.           

University Community: CSU-Pueblo employees and the CSU-Pueblo Foundation

Honorary Degree Committee: Committee appointed by the Provost to review all nominations.

Honorary Degree: A degree conferred on an individual for distinctive achievement. The degree is not earned through academic curricula, but is awarded based on merit.


Colorado State University-Pueblo wishes to recognize and honor individuals who have made significant contributions and distinctive achievements in areas that promote the University’s vision and mission. The areas of distinction include the performance in the arts, service to society, scholarship in the humanities, public service, philanthropy, and academic distinction. The Honorary Degree is the highest award granted by the University and should be awarded to individuals who exemplify the highest quality of professional, intellectual, humanitarian or artistic achievement or leadership. Contributions should enrich and better the University, society, the nation and the world.

Titles of Degrees awarded:

Doctor of Arts – Design, visual, and performing arts

Doctor of Humane Letters – Service to society (humanitarianism) and scholarship in the humanities (journalism, communication, history, philosophy, language, and literature) and social sciences and sustained and exceptional acts of philanthropy

Doctor of Laws – Law, public policy, and public service

Doctor of Science – Science, medicine, engineering, business and related fields

Doctor of Letters - Intellectual and entrepreneurial distinction in a particular field


  1. The nominee must not be a current or recent employee of CSU-Pueblo, CSU System or a member of the Board of Governors for the past 5 years.
  2. The nominee should not be an elected or appointed official serving in state or federal office or having run for office in the past 5 years.
  3. Nominations must come from a University community member, and cannot come from the nominee themselves.
  4. The Nominee should be of the highest standard of integrity in the area in which they are nominated.

General Provisions:

An Honorary Degree Committee will be formed to review all nominations. The Committee shall follow guidelines developed for the awarding of the Honorary Degree. The Board of Governors must approve all Honorary Degrees to be awarded. Nominees should not be informed that they are being considered until after final approval by the Board. The Nominee must attend and participate in all ceremonies or events associated with the awarding of the honorary degree. Honorary degrees will not be awarded in absentia, except when awarded posthumously.


The Provost is responsible for the process of awarding Honorary Degrees.  


Board of Governors Policy #100

Guidelines for Awarding Honorary Degrees



APPROVED by Dr. Timothy Mottet, President

 December 18, 2019







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